Onsen Bath

autumn_14b.JPGNow you can bathe in starlight while soaking in an onsen at the Hand-built outdoor bath with rocks.The outdoor bath commands a close view of the turmbling cascade.It is so close to river that bathers can enjoy even fishing while taking a bath.As you relax in the hot spring mineral waters and feel the light breeze on your face,you can enjoy the unique natural and historical ambience of the outdoor bath.


*Onsen Bath
After immersing yourself in the ryokan ambience,it's now time to immerse your body in the natural onsen hot spring mineralbath.Four outdoor baths and two indoor baths feature mineral water flowing directly from the hot spring source all day and all night long,so feel free to bathe to your heart's,and your body's content,as many times as you wish,for as long as you wish.The hot water will relax and warm you down to your very soul.The hot-spring experience here can be a synthesis of breathtaking scenery. the intial physical sensation of entering the bath can remind you of exactly why it was the Crreator gave you a body...

Takimiya boasts a tremendous volume of hot-spring water gushing forth from the mountains:a surprising 780 liters per minute. hashi_06b.JPG

Onsen Temperature:63F at the source
Spring Type: sulfur incleded gypsum spring (sightly alkaloid)
Efficacy:Stomach problem Neuragia,Sore muscles,Worrisome-ness,Paralysis,Stiff joints,Bruises,Sprains, and intestinal problems,Chills, Quick recovery from illness,Improves health,Women's diseases.Cuts Diabetes

Onsen Bath only ( day-trip):500 yen per person (10:00am to 3:30pm)