nakami-machide_b.gifYou have throughly relaxed your mind,your soul,and your body.Now it's time to preasure your taste buds and nourish your body with a gourmet healthy dinner while wearing your cozy dish_01.JPGyukata.

 You can enjoy as we serve you local delicacies,such as Yonezawa beef,sansai wild plants and seasonal fruis,tasty rice,and buckwheat noodles ...featuring produce from the local area as well as grilled Yamame fish from the nearby Mogami River.Tasting Sake ,is offered home-brewed sake to go with local specialities , can be one of important pleasure of TAKIMIYA staying.This area is famed brewing sake.


(Note:the menu changes daily and with the seasons ,and so is likely to be different from the dishes pictured here.)